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This is a strange site that uses various sources like anime and game as it basis. Once you warm up to it, I'm sure you'll have fun.
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 Gemma Spells

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PostSubject: Gemma Spells   January 21st 2012, 8:06 am


Here is a list of the various spells from the now deceased world of Gemma. Since the world is gone and only very few people left know the spells, never mind anyone being considered a 'master' finding someone to teach is hard to put it lightly. It's similar to other systems, having a variety of magic for defense, offense and other purposes. While many don't require incarnations, they do however require some time to pull the bigger spells off.

Spells can be charged, but doing so takes even more time. Even with that, naturally even a charged tier one beginner spell would of course not be of the same damage output of higher end ones. It's more of a matter of someone's own personal magical power then anything else The spells are based on the Tales Of series.

Novice Spells

Aqua Edge:
Creates a blade of water(shaped like a triangle) its not that powerful, but its quick cast time makes it useful.

Wind Blade: Makes small, sharp blades of wind that shoot in a straight line to cut enemies or objects, typically not that powerful but quick to cast.

Stone Blast: This spell creates rocks beneath the foe's feet to strike them, as might be guessed from the spells' description, its more useful for a slight distraction then anything else.

Icicle: It'll launch about three shards of ice at the enemy, doing about moderate damage.

First Aid: A low level healing spell, it can at most heal light or moderate wounds.

Recover: Heals physical aliments of allies, such as poison and the like. It's power its more dependent on the users personal power more then anything.

Dispel: Similar to recover, the difference is its magical aliments in nature(I.E. curses and the like)

Mid Tier spells.

The name of the spell is self explanatory. It allows the user to teleport themselves and other to another location. The people must have some physical contact or be in the general area. It requires the user to have an idea of where they're going for it to work. In addition, the greater distances drain on magical energy reserves in which one needs to use magic, making them tired. If they over use it, not only taxing but can potentially kill them since it would then run off their life energy.

Veteran users who have been using magic for a long time can comfortably use it far more often then a newcomer could. After teleporting, there's at least a few minutes of wait before the next 'jump' can be made again.

Force Shield: Creates a barrier of green energy around the user to protect them from attacks, the user cannot move around when activated.

Photon: Photon appears as a shining glyph on the enemy. The glyph then explodes to deal Light based damage

Bind: This is more of a utility spell. When the war started in the realm, there were beings that couldn't be hurt in the traditional sense, due to the fact they might not completely 'physically' exist on said plane. To counter, this spell was used. It basically allows beings that can normally cannot be seen visible as well as tangible, allowing them to be hurt and destroyed like a normal creature. When activated, it last for a few hours. This will only effect the user or someone they cast it on.

However, the spell taking time to learn it was thought simply to have their magitech duiplicate a similar effect for a more cost effective and practical method. It's not only generally superior(barring a insanely powerful magic user) but more effective. It's not as much different from the 'Hilbert Effect' seen in the Xenosaga series for an idea.

Spread: It's similar to Aqua edge and is about the same, the only difference is its more powerful with a bigger effect.

Eruption: A heat-based spell. What it does is create a 'dome' around the opponent doing fire damage however, its not instant. In addition to at least taking a few moments to cast there's subtle signs to let the enemy know its coming.

Air Blade: A large blast of green wind is formed, its drawback is the fact though fast it only travels in a straight line. It doesn't cut the enemy, rather its more like being slammed into something with great force.

Stalagmite: This spell is a direct upgrade Stone Blast. Instead of small rocks, they're medium sized though its still not horribly effective on its own. Requires stone blast.

Spark Wave: Creates a large ball of electricity that once hitting the opponent does a bit of damage, for about several hits.

Flame Lance: When Flame Lance is cast, it summons a single blade of fire from the sky
that strikes into the ground at an angle, causing a small explosion
that deals moderate Fire damage and knocks down all enemies within
range.(Or at least has the potential to)

Ice Tornado: When this spell is activated, it creates a whirlwind(though nowhere nearly as powerful) of cold and ice. It has a small chance to freeze the target solid.

Healing Circle: When Healing Circle is activated during battle, a shining orb appears
over the targetted ally, refracting a circle of light onto the ground,
creating a temporary field that heals all allies within its range.
Because the healing is gradual, characters can enter or leave the circle
and receive some of the HP regeneration. Characters that leave before
the end of the spell's effects will not continue to be healed once they
leave the area of effect.

Advance Spells:

This spell summons a small ball of fire that is dropped from the sky,
creating a massive explosion upon impact with the ground. The spell's
explosion has a massive effect radius and deals a great amount of damage
often with a single hit, similar in style and strength to Indignation.

Cyclone: The spell involves a twelve hit tornado of wind that gradually lifts the
target higher with each hit, excluding Heavy foes(Those in the Gargantuan size). This spell has a
massive effect radius, making it ideal for hitting multiple enemies.

Ground Dasher: When the spell is used, a huge triangular chasm opens under the target,
calling forth a wave of several stalagmites that rise and fall through
the ground, juggling and dealing very heavy damage to all enemies within

Trance: It's often said that the human body only uses just a bit of its true muscle power, stories of normal mothers lifting a car in extreme stress to save a child and other such feats of strength. In that vein this is exploring a bit of the limits of the body. In essence, its basically like a controlled and magical empowered adrenaline rush, though improved as it last longer. It boost the users stats by 2x their base.

However, there's a number of flaws. It basically increases said stats by allowing the heart to beat faster, thus pump more energy through the body which it needs to act. When it wears off, not only does it leave the user exhausted, but their stats are physically cut in half for a bit leaving them more or less sitting ducks

It's basically an 'all or nothing' technique and shouldn't be used unless the user is confident they can win. When activated runes appear on the body.

Indignation: Generally, this spell is best described as summoning a single massive
bolt of lightning, which deals one hit of Light element damage

Gravity Well: When the spell is used, it creates a medium-sized black dome with
lightning traveling the surface and small stalagmites on the dome's
perimeter. All creatures within the dome are obscured from view, and any
enemies trapped within are crushed with intense gravitational pressure.

Absolute: Absolute is an arte that usually forms a jagged block of ice on the spot
that the target is occupying, freezing them then smashing the ice block
in an explosion, dealing further damage.

Prism Sword: Another Light-based spell. The arte involves a multi-colored rune appearing on the ground around
the target, followed by beams of light raining down randomly within the
rune in a Judgment-style
fashion. The arte ends with a final, more powerful, centered beam
crashing on the middle of the rune with the image of a sword of light.
This arte has a decent effect radius that can easily hit multiple
enemies or a single target multiple times, but there is a chance for ALL
of the swords to miss the target. As such, its more suited for clearing large crowds.

Holy Lance: Holy Lance is a spell that causes many sharp spears of light to form in a
circular pattern in the air, while a magical glyph is formed around the
enemy. The spears point down at an angle towards the target, rapidly
descending into the earth in sequence to pierce the enemy. This is
followed by a small blast of light as the spears detonate.

Judgement: Upon activation, this spell creates several pillars of light that strike
randomly across the full battle field for a short period of time. It's more for crowd control or destroying a large area because of this, though it can be focused more on a general area. Being a light-based spell, it does more damage to evil aligned beings.

Meteor Storm: The arte varies in element - in some versions it is of the Fire element
and in others it is elementally neutral. The arte is capable of hitting
all enemies on the field, but similar to Judgment, the arte will not hit everywhere on the field, so it is possible for enemies to completely avoid the meteors.
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PostSubject: Re: Gemma Spells   January 21st 2012, 4:53 pm

Approved, but if there's no one around to teach someone to use them, how will others learn them? Only Lost and Jason, that I know of, can teach them. Also, where did these spells come from?
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PostSubject: Re: Gemma Spells   January 21st 2012, 7:07 pm

There's still some around, some was passed down from their parents but they might only know a few. Though I was thinking there was at least One master character around that knows the list, like with Star so someone can learn if they find them that is if its all right. I know a permission has to be granted to make a more advanced character, but its needed in this case.
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PostSubject: Re: Gemma Spells   January 21st 2012, 8:04 pm

As for the spells, they were given to them by Jivanta when they actually had a physical body and wasn't, well dead.
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PostSubject: Re: Gemma Spells   

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Gemma Spells
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