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This is a strange site that uses various sources like anime and game as it basis. Once you warm up to it, I'm sure you'll have fun.
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 Race Format

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PostSubject: Race Format   December 20th 2011, 7:56 pm

Name: The Name of the race
Type: The type, see race guidelines(others can be used)
Size: The size, tiny, meduim, large, etc. See race guidelines.
General Description: Just a brief idea about the race itself
Origin: Where they are said to come from.
Alignment: Typical(or rather average) alignment of the race if any
Home Lands: Just give an idea of what their home lands are like, whatever that may be.
Typical languages they might start off with, though naturally English
might as well be an given unless stated otherwise, along with their
native tongue. If they have any.
Personality: Most sentient races have individual personalities, though with some races certain traits are known to appear.
Description: Here is just putting an example what they look like. Do
they look like normal humans? Plant-looking people? It's also a good
idea to put their average height and weight if its abnormal in some way.
Life-Span: The life expectancy of the race.
Name: Typical names of their culture. Are they based more on human culture names, or something a bit more unique?
Relations: How they get along and deal with other races, generally.
Natural Power Set: In short, the natural abilties and powers of the race they can learn on their own.
Status: Open or closed. Are they open to anyone, or closed just to you?
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Race Format
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