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This is a strange site that uses various sources like anime and game as it basis. Once you warm up to it, I'm sure you'll have fun.
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 Jason Winters

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PostSubject: Jason Winters   December 24th 2011, 11:31 pm

Character Name: Jason Winters
Apparent Age: 17
Gender: Male
Height: 6'2"
Weight: 210lbs
Physical Description: See Pic.
Known Relatives: Molly Baker(mother) deceased, Jack Winters(father), Christine Winters(sister), Joseph Winters(great-grandfather) presumed dead, Rini Winters (wife) deceased, Michelle Winters (daughter).
Race: Mystic (X-Gene Positive)
Religion: N/A
Skills: Because he's had the Infinity Gems in the past, he knows a bit of everything, as far as skills go.
Abilities: See Mystic Profile for all he can do.
Alignment: Lawful Good
Personality: Very protective of his family, keeps to himself, moody at times, can be a good guy at times, is very good at hiding his emotions.
Powers: All his physcial stats are x50 his weight, has two black/silver feathered wings, has siper healing, has 100 foot tendrils in each forarm and can charge them with Fire, Ice, and Eletricity, has a very strong resistence to all three of those and has a very high resistence to most forms of magic, the Power of Knowledge (ie: he can know anything).
Restrictions: At the moment he can lift about five tons, really sharp knives swung by someone strong, solar, sonics and any other opposet to his sences, He needs to be looking at someting to dodge it effectively, if he over uses one element it exudes the opposet effect on him, very strong magic still works against him. His Power of Knowledge is a concentraited knowledge, he needs to think on a subject before he can know all about it (Not for use in a fight!).
Weapons and Precious Items: An Omega pin his father gave him when he was young. A special cell phone that allows him to contact Anyone with a communications device (will find it's way back to him).
Super Levels:

((Jason's strength and 'z-power' is double that of a normal person. So if a saiyan were to fight him when Jason's powered by in his normal form, the saiyan would have to go super saiyan to match Jason's power.))

Super Level 1; Jason's hair goes more wild and turns white and a white aura surounds him.

Super Level 2; Jason's hair goes even more wild and gets slighty darker in white, his aura goes more fiery and eletricity starts to flow over his aura.

Super Level 3; Jason's hair grows even longer and goes even more wild and is a dirty white, Will's face gets a more 'Primal' look to it, his aura is now in the shape of a sphear with eletricity surounding him.

Super Level 4; Jason's arms, stomach and back are covered in black/silver down feathers. his hair is even more wild then before and is midnight black. His eyes are glowing deep blood red. His aura is blood red with black eletricity flowing over it. He also has four black/silver feathered wings on his back.

Super 5; Like super 4, Jason has feathers on his back, arms and stomach. Only this time they are snowwhite feathers. His hair is more wild then ever and also snowwhite. This aura is a blazing white with sparkly white flash enerynow and then. His eyes are completely black and it looks as if he were crying black blood. He also has six snowwhite feathered wings on his back
Special Moves:

Ki Blast; this is the basic low powered blast of energy.

Machine Gun Blasts; This is an attack that uses Ki Blasts to the extream, multiple blasts at an eccelerated rate.

Solar Flare: This a strong defensive move which, if used correctly, will blind an enemy for a short time. Depending on the enemy.

Lunar Flare; This is the counter to the Solar Flare attack. The main drawback is that it renders all blind within a set range.

Plasma Blade; This saw-like purple projectile cuts through almost everything in it's path, until it hits it's target, then it exploads

Plasma Storm; This is a powerful beam of purple energy, fired like a 'Mesenko' attack, this attack also has the ability to stun whoever it hits.

Kamehameha Wave; This is a blue beam like attack and low powered as compared to others, but can have power added when used.

Burning Attack; Using a series of complecated hand and arm movements, one can rapidly build up enough energy for a focused(unblockable) Projectile attack.

Plasma Cannon; This is Jason more devistating attack. This is his 'System killer'. It's a purple 'Projectile' attack that gains power as it flies towards it's target.

Ki sence; this is used to sense others with a strong fighting spirit.

Power Double; This alows Jason to make an exact intangable copy of himself to confuse his enemies.

Fusion Dance; This allows Jason and one more to fuse into one powerful warrior, by preforming a seires of complicated moves. This fusion normally lasts for thirty minuets, the time lessens the stronger the Super Levels when fused.

Focus Attack; This is a powerful move where it's user can focus any ki attack and make it unblockable. The downside is that it takes a while to focus an attack.

Ki Consealment; He uses this to hide his Ki from others, however those with a strong Ki sense can detect him.

Advanced Instant Transmission; This is used to instantly transmit ones self from one location to another. Unlike others, Jason doesn't need to focus on any Ki energy.

Ki charge; He uses this to charge his Ki hence making himself stronger. Thus he is able to attain his super levels.

Empower Body; he uses this to empower his body making himself stronger and able to increase his speed, phsical defense, phsical attack and fly.
Phobias: Something happening to his family.
Illnesses: N/A
Sexual Preferences: Straight
Occupation: Ex Z-Fighter, Full time daddy.
History: Jason's history is very long and very complex. Lets just say that it was Will Galford who had the Infinity Gems first and he was the one who gave them to Jason. Jason and his family were abandon by his father. Soon after his sister and his mother were killed by a saiya-jin. That's when Will trainned Jason and gave him the Infinity Gems. One of these days we might get the full story.

Well, after sometime, Jason desided to drop out of the 'hero' business and was going to settle down. He met up with his childhood sweetheats, Rini Shields, and they were soon married. Not too long, Michelle was on her way. Unfortunantly, tragedy struck and Rini died shortly after Michelle was born. Jason was almost destroyed by her death however, his new daughter needed him and he pulled himself togeather for her sake.

Now, he spends most of his days taking care of her, thinking back on a life that had gone so wrong, yet ended up being so right and wondering if he'll ever be needed again. Now that the world's seem to have fallen into a time of peace.
Status: Alive.

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PostSubject: Re: Jason Winters   December 25th 2011, 3:42 am

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Jason Winters
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