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This is a strange site that uses various sources like anime and game as it basis. Once you warm up to it, I'm sure you'll have fun.
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 RP Rules

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PostSubject: RP Rules   December 20th 2011, 6:51 pm

1. Before posting Anywhere, post the character bio up. Once that's done you have to wait for it to be Approved.

1B. When adding a new power/ability you have to have it approved before you can use it. Just post what's different and new instead of reposting the whole bio and a manager will get to it.

2. While your character Can die, I have to make a point that if you have a character pop in a thread and just kill everyone, we're going to have problems. It doesn't mean its the end of your character, they'll either end up in the Underworld or Heaven depending on how they been living their life. There is a chance they could be brought back to life as well.

3. On the above. We understand this is an RPG, and as such there will be 'evil' characters. However, this does not give the owner of the character to have someone that's a lot stronger then the group constantly bullying. While it may be in character to do so, purposely and constantly hounding others with an over powering character is very, very irritating. This isn't to say there's never a time for it(I.E. characters known each other for a while etc) just try not to make it a habit and keep in mind the power levels of that particular group of characters.

4. Make it clear when your characters left, and also try to take some time before going some other place far away.(Unless they some instant form of travel, such as portals) To that end, its a good idea to choose your actions wisely. If a battle wrecks a city, then its not going to magically fix itself the next hour. .

4.A If a thread stays static for a month, the owners can withdraw their character from said thread unless its mentioned otherwise they'll be gone for some time. In that case, its two months. This makes it a bit more fair and people's characters won't be frozen in time so to speak and able to do other things.

5. From the above. Because of this we get real life among other things get in the way we're pretty flexible about it. So for example if someone were to leave the group and your character had an important relationship with them of some kind, you can always talk to the managers about Rec toning it out. This should only be used for things of that nature, we don't want it to get to the point we hand wave something away every time a character has something bad happen due to their own faults.

6. A person Cannot say they're related another person's character, have their same powers and abilities and things of that nature unless they ask the owner of said character. Leave it on the general board requesting permission.

7. Relations to cameo characters. If you are going to have a character who is related to a character from an Anime or Video Game, please make sure that no one has beaten you to the punch, if they have, then you need their approval to make another character who's related to that Anime or VG character. You must post on the General board asking if there's a character related to the cameo character that you plan to use, if there already is, then you must post asking for approval from the one who has already used that character.

8. Sexual encounters are allowed. But two things to keep in mind, use common sense when this happens, as in the characters involved aren't too young. We understand this sort of thing happens and we're not going to stop you from doing it. On the flipside don't go nuts and have your char jumping the bones of everyone. Please make sure the person your RPG is comfortable with this, the 'Fade to black' age old technique is your best friend if otherwise.

8. A. It shouldn't have to be said, but make sure you(and the character) are legal age or close to it before anything of that nature.

8.B. You can have very violent post more so then the norm, but try to make sure the people you are rping with are comfortable with this.

9. No God-modding except for the holder of the Infinity Gems, but this is a pretty old hand rule and we know why its here. But on that note, keep in mind there's a difference between modding and a chars limitations. For example, Bob the normal human hitting someone that has the durability of steel will just end up hurting his hand and so on.

10. No character player knowledge. Meaning for example if you know a character is weak to something, your own character can't magically know that weakness if there's no possible way for them to know.

11. Make sure there's some type of posting order in threads with three or more people. It's not fair to suddenly have a posting binge while one is away because then others get lost. So for example, person A, B and C post, then after C it starts from A all over again. You keep doing this the more people there are in a thread. Try to make sure you can keep up in active group threads, as in if you can barely get on and the others have to wait its not as fair as to them.
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RP Rules
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