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This is a strange site that uses various sources like anime and game as it basis. Once you warm up to it, I'm sure you'll have fun.
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PostSubject: Necrowarriors   December 23rd 2011, 3:26 am

General Idea:

*This is to give all with Necroplasma Warriors a general idea of what a standered General can do. This has little impact on Zoinoids, very little impact on Wild Cards and No impact on the Entity. This is for Generals and Zoinoids only.

The order of level for the Necroplasma Warriors are as followed, Strongest to Weakest:
1- The Entity (Strongest)

2- Wild Cards (Second Strongest)

3- Generals (Normal)

4- Zoinoids (Weak)

1: Create Zoinoids From dead people:
By infusing Necroplasma into a fresh corpse a General may create a lesser being from his power known as a Zoinoid that is mostly loyal. All Zoanoids are unique in creation. Mostly resembling animals or insects. Zoanoids are Biomorphic, this means they can assume human form and return to their power form at will. However this takes time.

2: Unique retractable Armor:
No two Necroplasmic armors are the same. (Chains, Capes and Wings are reserved for specialized Necroplasmic Warriors known as “Wild Cards”) Each armor is unique to its wielders main ability (If a person relied on brute strength the armor is denser and amplifies the wielders strength more than his other abilities.) Coloring is always a dark and foreboding tone. Their eyes always glow a Necroplasmic green. All Necroplasmic Powers (like blasts and what not) cannot be used out of armor with the exception of Concentrated healing and The sense.

3: Retractable blades:
Each Blade is as unique as the armor that spawns it. Weapons are always visible on the armor in some profound form or another. Detachable weapons if lost or destroyed will re-grow in a 24 hour period. Additionally the lost piece of armor or whatnot will dissolve into Necroplasmic goo in 12 hours then dissipate. (Extensions of armor like the Eternals’ elbow razors also re-grow and dissolve at the same rate.) Detachable weapons are the equivalent of swords and the like. Extensions are an extension of the armor that is fixed into a permeate location. All Necroplasmic warriors have two (2) identical weapons for each hand (arm or shoulder ect…)

4: Necroplasmic Abilities: Even though Necroplasma is infinite extended use will exhaust the user. Blasts/ Projectiles; Every Necroplasmic Warrior has the ability to learn how to use Necroplasma as a beam weapon or solid projectile. However a stronger warrior can overpower a weaker warriors attack. Equal powered attacks will cancel each other out.
Necroplasmic empowerment; Each warrior can learn how to empower their bodies to do various things. These include, heightened senses, Supernatural Strength and Dexterity. They can also increase their density amplify their speed. As a constant affect they heal faster than humans but not as fast as with Concentrated Healing. Additionally they can empower their limbs (i.e. Hands and feet) to increase damage to a grater degree. Each ability and skill has to be learned individually. In human form the eye pigment changes from the color they had in life to an emerald green. They also can learn more complex techniques and attacks.

5: Concentrated healing: This is a learned skill. As with Necroplasmic healing only at an accelerated rate. Wounds or injuries that would normally take days or weeks to heal take seconds or minutes, depending on the severity of the injury. A Warrior can re-generate lost limbs and appendages (with the exception of the head). However the time it takes to regenerate a limb varies. (Example: A finger will take a couple of minutes while an arm will take several hours.)

6: The sense: This is how the Necroplasmic warriors “feel” another Necroplasmic warriors in the area. The Range is exactly 100 (one hundred) yards in every direction. The drawback to this ability is that you cannot tell where they are, how powerful they are or their intent only that they are in the area.

7: Cannot reproduce: Generals and Zoanoids CAN NOT reproduce other than a General making a Zoanoid.

8: The Quickening: When a Necroplasmic Warrior takes another’s head the sky darkens and lightning flies from the body of the fallen, striking the victor. This is the Quickening. What this does is merge the fallen warriors soul, power and knowledge of Necroplasma with victors own power and soul. Thus the victor can learn more abilities and powers of Necroplasma at a faster rate. The Victor doesn’t gain all the powers and abilities but has a grater understanding on how to learn them. Caution the Quickening is destructive to the surrounding area. The rush of power and fragmented memories always leaves the recipient dazed and is unable to recover for a few minutes. This is a painful experience.

9: What’s dead stays dead: Just as it says in the Quickening, once a Necroplasmic Warrior meets the terrible fate of loosing their head their powers and souls merge with victors. Thus eliminating the Warrior forever. They DO NOT go to heaven, hell or the afterlife, they cannot be wished back with Dragonballs, the Tri-Force has no power to bring the fallen warrior back, they simply cease to exsist. The ONLY way to return to life (if you can call it that) is via the Infinity Gems.

*Only I, Namey, can deside who becomes a Necrowarrior. If you're intrested in one, then PM me.
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