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This is a strange site that uses various sources like anime and game as it basis. Once you warm up to it, I'm sure you'll have fun.
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 Alicia Alma

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PostSubject: Alicia Alma   December 21st 2011, 7:27 pm

Character Name: Alicia Alma
Apparent Age: Late teens
Height: 5'2? out of suit 6'2? in suit
Weight: 89lbs out of suit and 250 lbs in suit.
Gender: Female
Physical Description:
See Pic., Alicia out of her armor.

See Pic. Alicia in her armor.
Known Relatives: Her family is dead.
Race: Human
Religion: Christine
Skills: Basic Skills, Domestic Skills, Advanced Computer Skills, Piloting Skills, Tracking skills, Survival Skills, C.Q.C.(Close Quarters Combat) expert, Master Marks woman, Gymnastics expert, Power Suit operations master.
Abilities: Nano Cybernetics: Allows her to interface with her power suit.
Alignment: Lawful Good
Personality: Alicia normally is very optimistic and easy to get along with. But lately, since her Samus had gone missing, she's been somewhat moody. She still looks for the good in any situation, however.
Powers: N/A
Restrictions: N/A
Weapons and Precious Items:

Modular Vaira Power Armor: This is High density armor capable of withstanding various environments and weather. Up to and including Extreme heat an cold. her suit is highly susceptible to jamming/energy fields and makes her suit go all screwy. This includes her visor and mobile system functions like jumping. The modular nature of this suit allows Alicia to addapt different kinds of technology for use to her suit. Alicia's power suit enhances her physcial stats 5x that of a human in peak physcial condition.

Hyper mode: Alicia uses a special 'reservoir' of phazon, located on the P.E.D. (Phazon Enhancement Device) chest piece of her suit, she 'Amp Up' the offencive and defensive properties of her power suit. When in Phazon mode, the strength, speed and perception of her suit goes up about five times it's normal capabilities and is provided with a 'Phazon Shield' which blocks most types of standered energy blasters and physcial attacks. Phazon mode quickly drains her power suits energy stocks and can only be used for thirty seconds at a time before the A.C.D. (Auto Cool Down) kicks off Hyper mode.

Suit Energy Power: This keeps her structural integrity and system operations functional. Max capacity is 20 E-Tanks. Each E-tank holds 100 units of energy.

Com-Bot: Is a decent sized robot that is on the back of Alicia's power suit. Com-Bot has jump jets, half the armor of Alicia's power suit. It can function autonomously or can be controled by Alicia.

Com-Bomb: Just the standered small yeald explosive ball of energy. Com-Bot can set three at a time before they need to recharge. Cool down time for the morph ball bombs is five seconds.

Power Bomb: They have the ability to spread a high-temperature heat wave over a large area, impacting living things... which is a nice way of saying they can vaporize humans instantly. Power Bombs are dangerous and how their devastation can't be obstructed with common materials. Cool down time is about fifteen minuets.

Power Beam: This is her low powered shot. It does minimum damage and a range of 140 meters.

Phazon beam: This is an Extreamly powerful beam of phazon energy. Much like the Plasma beam, it burns it's target , as well as knocks whatever it shots back. Burn damage continues for sometime after the target has been shot. Has a range of 50 meters. (can use ONLY when in Phazon mode)

Light Beam: This is a highly focused beam of condensed light. It's destructive capabilities are limited to a range of 80 meters.

Dark Beam: This slow firing beam is made powerful darkmatter capable of freezing objects living or otherwise solid. If left alone eventually they will thaw. This weapon has moderate range of 100 meters.

Sonic Beam: This beam fires a projectile shot of sonic energy that homes in on 'Locked on' targets and has a maximum range of 120 meters.

Charge Beam: This is more like a charging unit for her existing weapons. It charges her weapons to be more powerful Dealing a lot more damage. The range is 80 meters.

Grapple Beam: A beam with a range of 50 feet with highly magnetic capabilities.

X-Ray scope: this allows her to see through most objects.

Thermal scope: Allows Alicia to see objects and creatures that give off a heat signiture.

Scanning scope: This handy vision mode allows Alicia to scan targets and gain all kinds of helpful information on the subject. She can't attack while scanning something

High Jump Boots: These boots allows Alicia to double her jumping distance as well as Preform a wall kick.

Space jump: Allows Alicia to preform a second, consecutive jump in the air.

Screw Attack: Her suit emits an energy field capable of slicing through almost anything while preforming a space jump. She can only preform 5 consecutive space jumps and must recharge afterwords. Cool down time is about a minute each time.

Speed Booster: This increases her speed to about tipple her normal speed. She needs at least 10 feet of unhindered clearance to activate it. Additional she cannot make sharp turns when using it. Solid object cause her to come to an abrupt stop.

Shine Spark: During Speed dash Samus crouch to build up power for the Shine Spark. This allows her to dash in any direction. Certain objects can be destroyed. However this comes with a price. It consumes the suit energy like a black hole. Solid objects will cause her to come to an abrupt stop.

Missiles: Alicia has a battery of high yield missiles that she uses with a deadly accuracy. Additional she has a dedicated system specifically for Missile combos. Normal missile range 180 meters also they have pin point homing capabilities. Max Missile pay load is 250.
Phobias: Something happening to her Samus. Meta Ridley.
illnesses: None
Sexual Preferences: She could go for either.
Occupation: College student/bounty hunter
History: Alicia's story begins, much like her Samus' did. She was the sole survivor of a Space Pirate attack and it was Samus who was said to have come to Alicia's aid, when she was young. From that point on, Alicia had looked up to Samus as sort of her 'Adopted' sister. Alicia spent every moment hanging around Samus and those associated with her. She grew up trying to be Exactly like her idol and sister figure, Samus.
When she got word that Samus had gone missing, Alicia started to look for Any signs of her. She asked around and got the name of a planet Aether, which Samus had saved. Gaining a ship by, not to favorible means, Alicia at once started off for the planet Aether! When she arrived, Alicia was greated by the Luminoth. They had told her about Samus and her Chozo armor and when Alicia asked where she could find the Chozo, the Luminoth told her that none exsisted. Alicia had learned that Samus had made her way to a planet called Earth, tracking down some Space Pirate. So she set course to this strange world to find the only person she called 'Family'.
Status: Alive

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PostSubject: Re: Alicia Alma   December 21st 2011, 7:43 pm

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Alicia Alma
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